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Curious Aspect of the Study of the Dolmens石墓研究中的奇特之处
《俄罗斯鸣响雪松》一书的读者都知道石墓对当代人的重要作用,那就是保持和分享吠陀文明的智慧。然而,弗拉基米尔·加里宁的研究展现了石墓的其他方面。The readers of Ringing Cedars of Russia books know the important role of Dolmens for the contemporary people - that is to keep and share wisdom of Vedrus civilization to us. However, the study of Vladimir Kalinin showed additional aspects of Dolmens.这项研究由弗拉基米尔·加里宁主持,他是一位医生,也是知觉发展学院古医学实验室的负责人。他独立于石墓的既有资料进行研究,这些资料在《俄罗斯鸣响雪松》系列书中有所描述。The study was conducted by Vladimir Kalinin, a doctor and the head of the paleomedicine laboratory of the Academy of Perception Development. He conducted his experiments independently of the information on Dolmens described in the series of books "Ringing Cedars of Russia".在对石墓的研究中,我们决定放弃所有关于其起源和目的地的官方理论,以及所有可能的现代和古代神话传说。In the study of the dolmens, we decided to discard all official theories of their origin and destination, as well as all possible myths and legends of both modern and ancient interpretations.我们提出了一个假设,石墓有足够的能量将水转化为治疗物质。为了了解石墓中的水具有什么性质,我们进行了以下研究。We developed a hypothesis that the dolmens have sufficient energy power to transform water into healing substance. In order to understand what properties the water that has been in the dolmen acquires, we conducted the studies below.我们的研究表明:暴露在石墓能量下的水对生物有机体有着强大的影响。实验的精髓是将种子置于石墓水和普通水中发芽。Our studies have shown: water that was exposed to dolmen's energies has a powerful effect on biological organisms. The essence of experiment was to sprout seeds in the water exposed to the Dolmens and regular water.这项实验我们是在未被损坏过的圆形石墓上进行的。我们选择了在当地农贸市场购买的普通小麦。水是在一家药店购买的,注射用水装在玻璃密封的安瓿中,每支安瓿装5毫升。The experiment was carried out on accessible undamaged dolmens. We chose the grains of ordinary wheat, purchased in the local farm market. Water was purchased in a pharmacy - water for injection in glass sealed ampoules of 5 milliliters in each ampoule.密封好的安瓿在石墓中暴露30分钟。我们在试管中用石墓水(A组:5个样本)进行了种子发芽实验,而对照组我们用普通水(B组:5个样本)进行种子发芽实验。种子发芽的温度是+20度。采光条件是室内,环境光线来自窗户。没有使用人工照明。The sealed ampoules of water were exposed in a dolmen for 30 minutes. We carried out sprouting of grain in test tubes in water treated with a dolmen (group A: 5 samples) and for control we sprouted grain with untreated water (group B: 5 samples). The temperature at which the seed sprouting proceeded was +20 degrees. Lighting conditions were indoor, ambient light from the windows. Artificial lighting was not used.整个实验持续了18天,并且用摄像机记录了下来。每天都以分析结果结尾。由于所有种子的发芽率略有不同,因此在实验进行3天后,我们开始确定一个稳定的结果。The whole experiment lasted 18 days and was recorded on video camera equipment. Each day ended with analyzing of the results. Since the sprouting rate of all grains is slightly different, we began to fix a stable result in the development of wheat sprouts after 3 days.在试验的初始阶段,我们看到了A组的芽苗生长活跃,适应能力强,发育活跃。14天后,B组幼芽开始消亡。A组种子则发育活跃。我们还注意到,在样品中还发育了另一种生物有机体,即普通霉菌。所有样品均出现霉菌,但A组比B组发育更明显。Already at the initial stage of the experiment, we saw that the sprouts from group A gave active growth, they were better adapting and actively developing. After 14 days, the extinction of the sprouts from group B began. The sprouts in group A were actively developing. We also noticed that in the samples there is another living organism develops, namely, ordinary mold. Mold also developed on all samples, but in group A its development was much greater than in group B.18天后,A组幼苗也开始衰弱,实验结束。实验结果表明,在低温条件下,小麦芽在石墓水中的发育更为旺盛和强壮,植株具有大而健康的绿色团块;而霉菌,如A组中的生物一样更为活跃。我们得出结论:在石墓水介质中,有机物的质量和寿命都比在普通水中高,这意味着接触到石墓能量的水可以延长生命。After 18 days, the sprouts in group A also began to fade and the experiment was completed. The experiment showed that the development of wheat sprout in water exposed in the dolmens is more vigorous and strong, and the plants have large and healthy green mass; and mold, as the living organism was more active in group A. We concluded that the quality and longevity of organisms in a water medium exposed in the dolmens is higher than that of organisms in a medium with simple water, which means the water that was exposed to Dolmens' energies can prolong life.下一步是我们自己(我和妻子)用石墓水进行一个实验。经过石墓能量处理后的安瓿,迅速打开喝掉。这种水,作为一种储存介质,被认为是一种协调生物体的机制。The next step was to conduct an experiment on taking water exhibited in a dolmen on ourselves (my wife and I). After treatment by a Dolmen energy, the ampoule was opened immediately before administration. This water, as a storage medium, was supposed to work as a mechanism for harmonizing a living organism.因为我受过医学教育,所以我对我所有的疾病都了如指掌。我可以相当客观地观察自己。为了评估结果,我决定每天服用7安瓿,空腹服用5毫升。我的生活方式没有任何其他改变。7天后,我服用完毕并试着评估效果。我没有感觉到任何积极或消极的影响。I know all my ailments in detail, since I have a medical education. I can observe myself fairly objectively. To evaluate the result, I decided to take a course of 7 ampoules per day, 5 ml on an empty stomach. There were no any other changes in my lifestyle. After 7 days, I finished taking and tried to evaluate the effect. I did not feel either a positive or negative effect.然而,一个月后,我结束了石墓水的摄入,体重开始减轻了一点。我必须说,30年后我又多增了20公斤。体重显示是-2公斤。我注意到对食物的兴奋不知怎么地消失了。我也开始少抽烟了。除此以外,一切都没变。However, a month after completing the intake of exposed water, I began to lose weight a little. I must say that after 30 years I gained extra 20 kilograms. Weighing showed minus 2 kg. I noticed that the excitement for food somehow disappeared. Also I began to smoke less. Otherwise, everything remained the same.又过了一个月,我又瘦了1.5公斤,而且在没有刻意戒烟的情况下,吸烟量减少了一半。我的双腿显得轻盈。左腿的麻木(脊椎疝)开始消失。我的脸色变好了,皮肤变得更清新了。我看起来更年轻了。After another month, I lost about 1.5 kg more and reduced smoking by half not trying to quit smoking on purpose. Lightness appeared in my legs. The numbness in the foot of the left leg (vertebral hernia) began to disappear. My complexion has improved; and skin became fresher. I looked younger.我妻子也有变化。她天生干瘦。尽管她胃口大,但体重还是没有增加。她的胃和附件也有问题。令人惊讶的是,她开始按比例增加体重。她的身材大有改善。皮肤变结实了。她开始渴望在新鲜空气中工作,种一个花园。其他疾病也逐渐减少。我们注意到了一个趋势:恢复的时间与疾病的顺序相反,一切都与生活方式的改变同时发生。对生活方式的改变和力量的渴望是自己产生的。所有的健康变化都记录在当地医生接待时的病历中。My wife also had changes. She is constitutionally dry-built. Despite her appetite, she could not gain any weight. She also had problems with her stomach and appendages. Surprisingly, she began to gain weight proportionately. Her figure has improved greatly. The skin has become firm. She began to desire to work in the fresh air and grow a garden. Other diseases gradually declined as well. We've noticed a trend: recovery goes in time in the reverse order of the disease, everything happens in parallel with lifestyle changes. The desire for lifestyle change and strength come on their own. All health changes were recorded at the reception of the local doctor in the medical record.第一个疗程结束后两年,我瘦了15公斤。我的体重恢复正常了。剩下的健康问题逐渐消退。不知怎么的,我不知不觉地戒烟了。我的生活方式在无意中变好了。Two years after the first course, I lost 15 kg. My weight is back to normal. The remaining health issues gradually receded. Somehow, imperceptibly, I quit smoking. My lifestyle changes to the best unintentionally.现在我和我妻子每年服用7安瓿:每天1安瓿,连续7天。我们的经验表明这已经足够了。身体自己决定变化的速率,而不是取决于剂量。但必须定期接受有关协调的新信息。很可能,它只是随着时间的流逝而消失。Now me and my wife take 7 ampoules every year: 1 ampoule per day for 7 days. Our experience showed that it was enough. The body itself chooses the rate of change, and it does not depend on the dose. But fresh information on harmony must be periodically received. Most likely, it is simply lost r erased with time.我们还对一组9人进行了一项实验,他们是患有多种疾病的朋友。首先,所有的参与者都接受了体检,以便我们将来评估结果。实验组服用10天疗程的石墓水。We also conducted an experiment on a group of 9 people - friends with an extensive bouquet of diseases. Previously, all participants underwent a medical examination so that we could evaluate the result in the future. The test group took a ten-day course of treated water.实验组中只发现一个人没有发生任何进展。并且有趣的是:这个人对以这种方式恢复健康的可能性持怀疑态度。The test group identified only one person who did not have any progress at all. And here the following is interesting: this person was skeptical about the possibility of recovery in this way.我们得出的结论是:石墓水不是一种治疗药物。它就像一个生命之力的音叉。如果你愿意感知它,那么你的身体就会开始调整它的节奏,逐渐地,影响你的欲望和生活方式,因为一个改变必然会产生另一个结果。The conclusion we made is this: the water exhibited in dolmen is not a cure. It is like a tuning fork of life force. If you agree to perceive it, then your body begins to tune its rhythms to its wave, gradually, influencing both your desire and lifestyle, since one is the consequence of another.弗拉基米尔·加里宁Vladimir Kalinin
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